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What type of Sukkahs do you rent?

We specialize in Easy Lock Sukkahs. Click here to read more about Easy Lock Sukkahs.

What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver across the North East, and Florida.

How much does delivery and pick up cost?

Delivery fee's are calculated based on the distance (in miles) and the toll amount, from our warehouse to the delivery location.

When does the Sukkah get picked up after Yom Tov?

Pick up is Generally within 72 hours after sukkos.

What happens if the Sukkah breaks?

Don't worry about it! Accidental damage is always covered and if need be the Sukkah or damaged item will be replaced in a timely fashion.

Does the Sukkah rental include Schach?

All Sukkahs comes with a Bamboo Schach mat with a STAR K Hechsher.

Do you rent lights?

YES. We rent shop lights, tables, and chairs.

Is there a additional fee for deliveries to buildings?

A building fee may be assessed in all areas for deliveries above the second floor.